RIP Lou Reed

Girly Sound

Yo You Buddy Yup
Word To Ya Muthuh
(cassette one)

Side One
White Babies
6 Dick Pimp
Divorce Song
Go West
Don't Hold Your Breath
Johnny Sunshine
Side Two
Miss Lucy
Elvis Song
Dead Shark
One Less Thing
In Love With Yourself
Fuck Or Die

Girls! Girls! Girls!
(cassette two)

Side One
Hello Sailor
Wild Thing
Fuck and Run
Easy Target
Soap Star Joe
Ant in Alaska
Girls Girls Girls
Side Two
Polyester Bride
Miss Mary Mack
Love Song

cassette three

All songs by: Liz Phair

With special thanks to: Ken Lee, Gevaudan, and the nameless others for preserving her classic, unreleased demos.
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